We Give Exactly What Google Wants

Serve absolute best content to humans as fast as possible

What Google wants, because it is what your website’s users want, is an optimal User Experience. Simply stated, the user’s perception of speed is the by-far-and-away most important performance characteristic.

This is, of course, why Google is so adamant about optimizing above-the-fold content and why Google so highly favors websites that have implemented Progressive Rendering to the fullest extent possible.

What Google cares about, because it’s what your site’s users care about most, is real-world performance.

For Google,
1: Performance is about retaining users.
2: Performance is about improving conversions.
3: Performance is about the user experience.

Real Speed For Real Humans

We optimize website for real world performance using metrics which effects real human users

RankSpell focuses on most are the user-centric performance metrics that combine to form the perception of blazing fast speed. These real-world performance metrics include:

# TTFB (Time to First Byte);
# Start Render Time;
# Time to Above-the-Fold Visual Completion;
# First Paint Time;
# domContentLoaded Time;
# Time to Interactivity;
# And — Most Importantly — Google’s Speed Index, the Primary, Real-World Performance Metric we are After Improving.

To deliver great performance we need to optimize delivery of each and every byte! ”

- Ilya Grigorik : Web Performance Engineer at Google


What we’re after is a metric that captures the user’s perception of when the page is ready. ”

- Steve Souders: Former Head Performance Engineer at Google


“ The metrics that matter the most are the ones that represent real user experiences.

- Philip Walton: Engineer at Google working on the Web Platform

How We Boost Website Speed

We may apply following techniques to get best user experience for your website

Why Do We Do It ?

I am Kapil, owner at Rank Spell, I was born in 1988 India. When I was a kid, Internet was very fascinating for me, I could search the internet and find answers to my questions. But speed was very slow and internet was not easily available to my use, I had to pay on an hourly basis to access internet, but website speed was very slow and it took forever to get information from internet.

I wondered those days why this whole internet is so slow and why can't I get results for my queries in seconds and is not there a way to speed up the webpages?

As I had to cycle miles to access the internet I always wanted internet to be fast, so I can learn more from internet. In early 2000 there was Dial Up Internet connection, it was so slow that it takes 3 minutes to open Yahoo.com!!

What's worse than no internet?
It's slow internet.

Moreover, I had to pay for access to the internet on an hourly basis, and as the website speed was very slow and it took forever for me to get information from the websites, I was wasting my money uselessly staring at the half-loaded pages for long times.

I always wanted the internet to be fast, so I can learn more from the internet without waiting endlessly for the pages to load while paying by the minute to remain connected to the Internet.

If the internet was whole faster, I could have saved months of time.

I want to make the web faster, way faster than it is now. So that any kid with low bandwidth doesn't have to wait to load a webpage in any part of the world.